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A: It sounds like you've just been a little bit overzealous with your data. To be honest, it's probably all just going to get eaten away and overwritten with new data anyway. If there's any personal files on the disk that you want to keep, they'll be fine. I'd run this Disk Defrag (I'd recommend you do this every time you restart Windows anyway, since it's entirely normal to need to defrag a drive when it gets really full) and you can re-image your disk. If you really don't want to do that, you can try mounting the partition in Windows with the Disk Management utility and see if there are any free (unallocated) blocks remaining, and if so, see if you can recover the missing files. If that doesn't work, try defragging the partition with a third-party defrag tool like NTFS Disk Defrag, like this. I think those will eat away the old data at a fairly reasonable pace, and then add the new data back in. Q: What are the advantages/disadvantages of designing a UI in the browser? Having worked with websites that use Bootstrap, Foundation, and a bunch of other grid systems, I tend to prefer that the HTML and CSS are split out, in a sense that I can have control over the look and feel of the UI, rather than it being driven by a grid system that may or may not work well with certain elements. On the other hand, having used a desktop application where the UI and logic is entirely different from the view (applied not by an off-screen rendering engine but by a desktop windowing system), I find it quite hard to imagine the UI being entirely that same HTML. I'd much rather have a single "view", that handles the logic, and the business logic is in its own separate files. Does anyone have an opinion on how their experience differs between the two, or is it largely a non-issue? A: the only advantage for web is the CSS/JavaScript/HTML separation, but if you just talk about CSS, its not such a big advantage. I just worked with such platform (desktop application) and the logic is in another file (business logic) and the UI is just CSS/HTML/JavaScript. Using web is just the tool to use, it doesn't



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